They should have raced…

We could not agree more and we tweeted as much during today's rain delay – they should have raced. IndyCar embarrassed themselves big time on Saturday in Toronto over the lightest of rains. And they went so far as declaring the start a rolling start instead of a standing start even though the problem was the spray on the backstraight not where the cars were starting. Would F1 switch to a rolling start just because it is raining? Bernie Ecclestone must still be laughing. One of our tweets during the delay suggested IndyCar seek sponsorship from 'Depends,' the adult diaper brand.

In this article Robin Miller rips IndyCar apart for what happened Saturday in Toronto. A must read. And to make matters worse, the Sunday forecast is not any better, so unless an act of God clears out the clouds and rain, they're going to need the Depends again on Sunday.

Perhaps one fan put it best. "I'm a fan and I'm not going to be a fan anymore after this," said Nino Calapa. "You ripped me off $300. I don't mind for safety reasons, but give me my money back." IndyCar needs every fan it can get. It didn't make any new ones on Saturday. Mark C. reporting from Toronto

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