Sunday update from Indy (Update)

UPDATE The rain has stopped, at least for now, so we should see some practice today.

05/11/14 It was raining this morning at the Speedway and rain is forecast for the next several days, especially Tuesday when it is forecast to be torrential.

This is good and bad. Good for the crews scrambling to fix cars damaged in yesterday's accidents, and scrambling to switch the cars from road course setup to low downforce oval. If it rains a lot, crews will have plenty of time to work on the cars.

It is also good for James Davison who is running a partial program and won't get out onto the track until Thursday anyway. So if others do not get much track time, he won't have missed much.

It's bad for all the rookies and drivers who are running only Indy this year. They need as much track time as they can get.

Some in the paddock are laughing at those who pointed to yesterday's standing start as too dangerous. How soon they forget all the accidents at Indy over the years with the rolling starts. Idiots.

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