After 5 laps new F1 great for insomnia

Can't sleep? Just turn on the new F1 with horrible sounding engines, ugly cars and a runaway dominant team that has led every lap this year and will lead all the remaining laps (Mercedes) and it will be sure to put you right to sleep.

Juan Montoya told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport. “Formula 1 has always been very technical.

“As a driver you are so dependent on the car. Do you really think (Fernando) Alonso and (Sebastian) Vettel have forgotten how to drive? It’s just bad luck for everyone who is not in a Mercedes.
And that’s not going to change much this year."

“I watched the recent Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai for five laps and then switched it off," said Montoya, a winner of seven F1 races.

What made it less than exciting for him, Montoya said, was a complaint echoed by countless fans worldwide: F1 no longer has the high-revving and loud engines that fans and drivers alike both love.

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