Robby Gordon to test a stadium truck at IMS

Indianapolis Motor Speedway still might host one of Robby Gordon's ramp-jumping stadium super-truck races on the Indianapolis 500's Carb Day (May 23, approximately 2:30 p.m.).

IMS president Doug Boles confirmed Saturday that one of the Speed Energy Formula Off-Road trucks will test sometime around April 24 depending on Gordon's schedule. It's expected that Gordon, the owner of the series, will perform the test.

The circuit will include Turns 12, 13 and 14 of the reconfigured road course (inside Turn 1 of the oval track) along with part of the oval's first turn. Boles said any damage to the IMS surface from the truck's hard landings will keep the series from racing.

Gordon's series has listed Indianapolis as a location for an event since its schedule was announced, but it still hasn't named a site. Gordon vowed to race elsewhere in Indianapolis if IMS doesn't work out. Indy Star

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