Ecclestone wins Constantin Medien case

A High Court judge in London has ruled in favor of Bernie Ecclestone in the legal case involving Constantin Medien.

The German media group was demanding £85m ($140.4m) in damages claiming that Ecclestone conspired to undervalue F1 when selling the business because if it had not been sold to CVC a higher bidder would have bought it.

Constantin Medien had accused Ecclestone of entering into a "corrupt agreement" with German banker Gerhard Gribkowsky to facilitate the sale to CVC, its lawyers arguing that the sale had been agreed "without the normal and proper process" and for an undervalued price.

Ecclestone, who always insisted that the claim lacked "any merit", also maintained that payments made to Gribkowsky had nothing to do with the sale of F1 but were instead a bribe to prevent the German causing the 83-year-old problems with the tax authorities in the UK.

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