IndyCar overseas (Update)

UPDATE Another reader responds to Mr. Hacker's email, Dear AutoRacing1, I need to react on this. The ideas Mark Miles has for IndyCar are really great, it will make IndyCar second to F1 on the world wide motorsports scene, I'm sure of it !

Aluminum? From which century Mr. Dan Hacker come? FYI: Hundreds of thousands of Europeans, North Americans, Asians and Down Under people live in the Middle East nowadays. They all earn very well and they would welcome IndyCar with open arms! On top of that many of the local inhabitants have been to school and university in the UK (or other schools in Europe) or in the US. They would definitely welcome IndyCar as well.

Apart from this, the sanctioning fees will cover for the costs of everything (i.e. transportation and a sufficient budget for every entry which competes at these race-meetings) to get IndyCar to the Middle East, so what is the problem?

It's quite clear to me Mr. Hacker has never been outside the US (well, maybe Toronto for half a day), he doesn't know anything about the rest of the world and immediately brings in a terrorist … how ignorant and unworldly can one be? Peter S.

01/17/14 A reader writes, Dear, I read with interest your article about Mark Miles taking IndyCar overseas for several races to start the season each year. Bravo. However, does he understand that IndyCar has zero following in the Middle East and the people are not very fond of Americans. So who is going to show up to watch the races? Or will this another case of IndyCar getting egg on their face? I suggest a driver from each country IndyCar plans to race in be added to the grid this year for all the races so the local promoter can start getting some interest in IndyCar. There is a good thing about having empty grandstands, however. If a terrorist decides to set off a bomb they'll only be blowing some aluminum to smithereens. Dan Hacker

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