Reaction to AR1 Editorial

A reader writes, Dear AR1: Your recent editorial struck me as especially timely, after I read news that Panther Racing was testing Carlos Huertas on Friday. Nothing against young Mr. Huertas, nor Panther Racing, who are doing what they have to do to field a team. However, Huertas will not help sell one ticket at Iowa, Milwaukee, Barber, Pocono and Detroit combined.

Meanwhile, IndyCar expends precious time and resources debating whether to have Pole Day on Saturday or Sunday. Do they not realize that no matter when they have Pole Day or Bump Day, America will not tune in to watch Huertas, Aleshin, Grenier, Cipriani, Razia, Valsecchi, Bird, et al?

Oh wait, I forgot: NASCAR coming to NBC Sports is going to solve their viewership woes.

Steve Wilson, Alexandria, VA

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