Video: THE CLOUD RACER – Every man has a mission

Max Angelelli (or known as "Max The Ax") is since more as 2 decades a professional race driver. He is nicknamed "The Ax" because he has a knack of closing up and "chopping" off seconds behind the leader quickly in a race to set himself up to make a clean pass for the win.

Since his early childhood he dreamed about speed.

Now in 2013 he decided to do a step more to be much faster and feel more the g-forces than ever: he strapped himself on an ejection seat in a Russian MIG-29 "Fulcrum" at Sokol Airbase in Niszhny Novgorod and made a very special "high g-force aerobatic" flight with test pilot Andrew Pechionkin who took him nearby to a "black out" of a g-load of 8.2 G!

This is a documentary movie about his adventure what shows the complete preparation for doing the flight, the complete flight itself and his comments after the flight and stunning pictures!

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