How it used to be… (Update)

UPDATE A reader writes, Dear, I found it sad the video of How it used to be. I have that race recorded as I do all Cart, Champ Car, and IndyCar races since 1987. The start of that broadcast still raises the hair on the back of my neck, I keep it out and probably watch the beginning segment once a month. If they dubbed in the names each year and ran it, it would be better than what we have. It is sad that such a mighty sport could be run in the ground by incompetence. I cannot imagine what Mr. Hulman would think if he could see it today. Maybe someone at 16th & Georgetown should watch it everyday when they come to work to give them direction on what to do. Regards, Jerry M., Topeka, KS.

12/12/13 Watch this video of the opening of the TV broadcast of the 1991 Indy 500 under the CART days with Paul Page as the lead TV announcer. Compare that to what we have today and you will understand one of the many things broken with IndyCar today. Page is really good, so where does IndyCar put him when they bring him back – on radio.

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