Newey admits their dominance made 2nd half boring

Even Red Bull's design guru Adrian Newey says the second half of 2013 was "slightly boring" given his team's dominant showing.

Returning to the track after the summer break, Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel hit their stride as the German claimed nine consecutive victories – a new record – to bring his tally for the season to 13.

It was ensured both the German and his team won the titles for a fourth season in a row.

However, it also made for a drab end to the season as Vettel's wins were not hard fought but rather went unchallenged, a very different story to the first half of the campaign.

"I must admit in August it all seemed quite tight – I don't know what happened afterward," Newey told Autosport as Red Bull's RB9 won Racing Car of the Year.

"We made the second half of the year slightly boring, but go back to the start of the year and it's been a magic time.

"2014 though really is a completely clean start: we're operating somewhere between mild panic and crisis management, but it's a big challenge for everyone. How it pans out, who knows?

"We're about six months off being prepared for the start of the season, but it'll be all right on the night hopefully – all we can do is our best and see where we are."

He did, however, admit to a few concerns about the new regulations, which include the introduction of 1.6-litre 6 engines.

"I think from our perspective it is somewhere between mild panic and crisis management.

"Next year's regulations are a huge change. It is a very complicated powertrain, and for many teams including ourselves it really is a big challenge.

"Reliability could be a big issue, and it is far from clear how the three engine manufacturers will perform compared to each other. We have got the aerodynamic changes too.

"So it really is a complete clean start unfortunately. We would have been quite happy to stay with the [old] regulations as it turned out." Planet F1

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