F1 Teams ‘on the limit’ to prepare 2014 cars

McLaren Sporting Director Sam Michael believes that Formula 1 teams are "on the limit" to prepare their new cars in time for the opening pre-season test of 2014.

Next year, turbocharged 1.6-litre V6 engines are being introduced along with various aerodynamic and chassis modifications, meaning very little development carry-over.

And with two months separating this year's season finale and the first test at Jerez, which takes place from January 28-31, Michael has reiterated the challenge ahead.

"It will be on the limit," he said. "These days we have simulations, stress analysis and dynos that are much more sophisticated than when we had the last big changes, but you are still upsetting your systems which are quite methodical and procedural.

"Teams now have operational procedures to make sure they don't make mistakes, and almost all of those will go in the bin. That is why you will see variations. All teams at all ends of the grid will have problems getting to grips with the new systems."

Michael added that, unlike in recent years, he does not expect teams to skip the first test in favor of additional development work or wind tunnel testing, with track time fundamental to gain a better understanding of the new technology and Pirelli tires.

The opening pre-season test at Jerez will be followed by two gatherings in Bahrain.

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