Nasty France divorce case comes to an end

The nasty court battle between Brian and Megan France has come to an end.

At one time they were NASCAR’S golden couple. He was the CEO, and she was the wife and mother.

They married for a second time in October of 2005, had a couple of kids in 2006, and the fairy tale came to an end in April of 2008. Since then, they have battled it out in court over money.

For years, much of that legal fight was hidden to the public because a judge sealed the France file.

We at NBC Charlotte felt that was a privilege not granted to anyone else using the court system, so we and our partners at the Charlotte Observer waged a two year battle to open the file, finally winning in May.

The documents provided a glimpse into NASCAR’S finances through its Chairman.

Documents showed that Brian France was worth half a billion dollars with homes in Charlotte and Florida, in addition he was entitled to three condos in Los Angeles worth $4M, three condos in Florida worth $1.8 million, a condo in New York’s Central Park valued at $10.6M; even the maid gets a $780,000 condo.

Under the separation agreement, Megan France is left far from broke. She gets $32,000 a month in alimony, $100,000 a year for a nanny, a $3.2M home in Myers Park, and a $9M payment for keeping the children in the Charlotte area.

All of this money was flowing at the same time NASCAR was asking for public money to build the Hall of Fame in uptown.

On September 26th the two sides filed a dismissal agreement reaching a private settlement out of court.

We don’t know the details of that settlement, because it was negotiated behind closed doors in an avenue that would not be available to anyone.

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