Iowa IndyCar TV Rating

UPDATE The final TV rating for the Iowa Corn 250 on ABC was a 0.7, unchanged from the overnight.

06/24/13 The overnight TV rating for the Iowa Corn 250 on ABC Sunday afternoon was a 0.7. The idea of gaining momentum on ABC did not work because the rating has dropped from one race to the next.

As outlined by, motorsports, and especially IndyCar Racing, is becoming irrelevant to the general population because the younger generation does not have the same love affair with cars that prior generations had. We offered up what we felt was the best solution to the problem and this is one area where IndyCar, NASCAR, NHRA, ALMS, Grand-Am, GM, Ford and Chrysler should collectively (stress collectively) meet with the NCAA and convince them to make go-kart racing a sanctioned sport at the high school level and perhaps USF2000 at the college level. Motorsports has to be recognized as a sport of skill, athletic conditioning and mental toughness by the youth of this country or motorsports will someday cease to exist. Bank on it.

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