Napcar isn’t exciting

A reader writes, Dear, I have attended several IndyCar races since the introduction of the new car and engine. Here is my take on the problem with IndyCar – they should rename it the 'nap'car series. I say that because the engines are too quiet and they don't emit a sound that gets anyone excited. My four year old took a nap in the middle of the race.

Been to an F1 race? Now that is a sound that gets your blood boiling. Sound is definitely the #1 sensory perception that defines a racing series, and the sound emitted from the Napcars puts one to sleep. I remember the Champ Cars used to have a mind-blowing sound, especially when they used to turn 15,000+ RPM. The Napcars are so economical they must turn low RPM in order to get 2,000 miles between rebuilds. Meanwhile they are not exciting the fan base and the series is dying on the vine.

To all you Napcar officials out there – fix the sound and fix it now, or order the flowers and plan the Napcar series funeral. Mike Smith

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