Aero kit decision Done (5th Update)

UPDATE #5 IndyCar’s regulations for the bodywork kits scheduled to be introduced for the 2015 season are scheduled to be sent to Honda and Chevrolet on Sunday. The manufacturers then will have a period of time to review them, Derrick Walker said.

06/03/13 Watch Derrick Walker speak about the aero kits coming to the IZOD IndyCar Series in 2015.

06/02/13 See our feature article on what was announced today by IndyCar.

06/01/13 Details of a two-year rollout for bodykits will be given 10:30 Sunday morning in Detroit.

The program will allow various manufacturers to design, build and utilize wings, sidepods and other features that comprise the appearance of the cars. There is a hope that Indianapolis’ cottage motor sports industry can benefit by making parts for the redesigns.

IndyCar’s president of competition and operations, Derrick Walker, has called the kits “a game changer" because they allow various kinds of companies to join the series, therefore removing the sameness element of the equipment.

06/01/13 We hear that IndyCar has given the green light to the body kits for 2015. More later….

05/31/13 Sixty-eight lead changes among 14 drivers — both records for the Indianapolis 500 — won’t keep IndyCar from adopting what could be field-separating bodywork kits for the 2015 season.

The kits are intended to differentiate the competitors — teams, manufacturers and part suppliers.

“And as I’ve said, it’s a game-changer in so many ways," said Derrick Walker, who earlier this month was named IndyCar’s president of competition and operations. “There’s a performance element, a branding element, and there’s a fan element.

“What happened (in the 500) doesn’t change our direction."

Walker said he hopes to unveil at least some of the aero kit details this weekend.

The kits were a key part of Randy Bernard’s time as IndyCar CEO. Bernard left the company last fall. Indy Star

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