Jason Leffler had no life insurance

NASCAR driver Jason Leffler did not have life insurance when he died in a sprint car crash Wednesday night.

Leffler, who was recently divorced and the father of 5-year-old Charlie Dean Leffler, was killed when his car apparently crashed head-on into a wall and flipped several times at Bridgeport (N.J.) Speedway.

He was transported to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead from a blunt force neck injury 32 minutes after the accident.

“Jason did not have a life insurance policy, so he didn’t really leave anything (long-term) for Charlie," said Amy East Cook, Charlie’s aunt. “I don’t think anybody knows that. I think they would assume he would have that." Many fans have asked about donating to a fund for Charlie, and his aunt said that her family is asking that all donations be sent through the USAC Benevolent Foundation fund set up for him. She said fans should beware of scams.

“We’re overwhelmed by the response of people — it’s shocking how many people have sent out condolences, memory tweets, instagrams, posts, texts, calls, voicemails have been real comforting," she said.

“We’re very appreciative of that. … We need to do what’s best for Charlie and secure a future for him. No life insurance is tough."

Todd Braun, a former car owner for Leffler in the Nationwide Series and a sponsor on the sprint car he was driving, also is working to set up a fund for Charlie, he said Thursday. Details of that fund were expected to be released Friday night or Saturday.

Sprint Cup champion Brad Keselowski posted a tweet Friday asking fans and competitors to help Leffler’s son and family. Sporting News

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