IndyCar can’t blow the ‘Turbo’ opportunity

In the Mark Miles interview on Saturday we suggested to him that IndyCar run ads in movie theaters that would air before the movie. He agreed and said they were looking at that. IndyCar must exploit that movie in every way possible to connect IndyCar with Turbo to make the sport more well known with the average person/kid on the street. Dario Franchitti has this to say about the movie:

IndyCar driver Dario Franchitti said, “The one really positive thing I see this year is the introduction of the animated film from DreamWorks, ‘Turbo.’ That to me is going to be huge." He added of the movie characters, “A couple of the drivers will see bits and pieces of other drivers. It’s quite funny. I’ve been involved with it as a consultant, so I’ve been sitting and laughing at different bits. I’ve seen about 80 percent of the film now, and it’s incredible. It’s like working with a race team, a bunch of engineers. The attention to detail these guys have is incredible." N.Y. TIMES

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