A lesson in global marketing that IndyCar will never understand

German free-to-air TV channel RTL "has recorded around half-a-million less viewers to its Australian F1 Grand Prix broadcast in comparison to last year's race," according to Alexander Krei of DWDL. A total of 2.81 million viewers tuned in to watch Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen win the race at Melbourne's Albert Park Circuit. In the target demographic 14-49, the channel obtained a 41.3% market share. In addition, Sky's broadcast also received less viewers than it did in '12. An average of 230,000 viewers watched the race on the pay-TV channel. The number translated into a 3.5% share. In the target demographic, the race recorded a 3.2% share. DWDL

SPAIN: Free-to-air channel Antena 3's live morning broadcast of the Australia F1 Grand Prix was watched by 1.3 million viewers and a 60% share. The channel re-aired the race later in the day to the tune of a 29.3% share and 2.95 million viewers. Vertele

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