Putting the Daytona crash in perspective

We should be thankful the entire car did not clear the fence and land in the grandstands, just an entire wheel and other shrapnel

I've read many of the posts regarding the Nationwide accident Saturday. Certainly, I believe there is a lot you can criticize about NASCAR, and I don't want to sound insensitive to those who were hurt.

However, all things considered, what I will take away from Saturday is not what happened, rather what could have happened. Young Kyle Larson, for one, walked away without a scratch after his car snapped in half life a twig. Of course, the tire getting into the stands like it did is a concern that must be addressed. And the fact people were injured, particularly a child, cannot be chalked up to "well, that's racin'."

Still, I think when you consider a 3500 lb. object flew into a net at speed, we should all be thankful. So, at the end of the day, let’s give the safety pioneers some credit, address what can be improved going forward, and thank our lucky stars the outcome was not worse. Brian Carroccio, AutoRacing1.com

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