NASCAR can’t buy IndyCar soon enough

A reader writes, Dear, Two months ago today you published an article saying NASCAR should purchase IndyCar. One of the best ideas I ever heard. Maybe IndyCar drivers would then get paid to drive instead of buying their rides. NASCAR appears to be the only hope now as what few fans IndyCar had left are gone as a result of the Randy Bernard termination. Mordichai Rosen, Los Angeles, CA.

Dear Mordichai: If in fact, the Hulman-George family intends to operate INDYCAR as they have in the past, then read our article from two months ago suggesting NASCAR should buy INDYCAR, then click here and familiarize yourself with INDYCAR's only hope for survival. And while we're on the subject, let us remind you that before other publications ran similar, not as comprehensive forms of what we wrote, you heard the idea here first on AR1.

However, if the Hulman-George family intends to operate INDYCAR as a professional business, in a professional business manner, they'll end the policy of assisting their mortal enemy, and the Brickyard will wind up exactly where it belongs: on the ash heap of racing history.

Thanks for reading and writing, Brian Carroccio, IndyCar Columnist, AR1

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