Top NASCAR Execs Discuss How To Face Day-To-Day Challenges

On the final day of the '12 NASCAR Motorsports Marketing Forum hosted by SBD/SBJ, top industry execs yesterday explored the elements that go into managing a successful operation as well as the day-to-day challenges they face. Each exec stressed people management and retention as two of the biggest day-to-day challenges. Richard Childress VP/Competition Mike Dillon said the hardest part of his job is "keeping good people." Dillon: "That’s what it takes to win, and you really want to keep them happy. They want to win and that’s a hard battle to keep those attitudes up." Hendrick Motorsports President & COO Marshall Carlson pointed to the human element of management as the most difficult. He said, “Letting folks go. That’s the toughest thing I have had to do in my role. Also keeping people engaged and motivated is a challenge."

Joe Gibbs Racing President J.D. Gibbs pointed to the issue of diversity in NASCAR and said while the sport has made great efforts, it is still a big challenge. Gibbs: “One thing NASCAR has really done a good job is increasing the diversity in the sport. It’s expensive in car racing, and part of the process is how do you groom young drivers and how do you give them the opportunities in the sport. That’s easy in other sports, but that’s tough because of the cost in NASCAR."

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