What if they raced and nobody came?

UPDATE A reader writes, Dear AR1.com, I have often wondered how the Grand-Am survives with near zero attendance. It's clear to me that the France Family is using voodoo economics to prop up the Grand-Am Series until ALMS dies, just as the Hulman George family used voodoo economics to prop up the IRL until Champ Car died. With almost no one in attendance at Indy Friday for the grand-am race, who paid the prize money? You can bet it was the France family who has used family money (NASCAR profits) and voodoo economics for years. Do you want to bet where Tony George learned that tactic from? Mordichai Rosen, LA, California

07/28/12 Grand-Am held their first race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Friday. The crowd, disguised as aluminum seats, was huge.

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