Hamilton Wants F1 Moscow Night Race

Lewis Hamilton

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton wants a Singapore-style night race on the streets of Moscow, the 2008 world champion said in the Russian capital Sunday.

Russia is due to host its first Grand Prix in 2014 in the southern coastal resort of Sochi, but clamor has been growing to build a street circuit around the Kremlin.

“I think Moscow has an opportunity, I hope, in the future to put on a street race," Hamilton said.

“I’ve seen some images of Moscow at night and it looks absolutely spectacular, so I think having a night race here one day as we do in Singapore would be one of the highlights of our season. I hope that you guys welcome us."

Valencia, Abu Dhabi and Singapore have all seen street circuits added to the calendar in recent years, with Singapore hosting F1’s only night race, held under floodlights.

Racing through a city gives drivers a rush not found elsewhere, Hamilton said.

“They’re the most entertaining, I think, for the fans and for us drivers, driving them."

“A street circuit around a city is the most exciting thing. You see the lights, you see the architecture, you get to see so many incredible things when you’re racing."

Monaco, widely referred to as the jewel in the sport’s crown, has held a race every year since 1955, while Melbourne and Montreal also host street races.

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