Montreal F1 weather forecast

If you are heading to Montreal for the F1 race a week from now, bring an umbrella and a poncho. Still many days away, so the forecast will likely change but it seems as though there is a chance of isolated showers forecast for FP1,2,3 and Qualifying, however, race day is looking dry and warm. Cooler evening temperatures, wind and possible showers may keep the track temperatures cooler than ambient temperatures. Look for some tire degradation and marbles if the track remains green and slick.

Friday June 8, 2012 : Isolated showers, High 21 (°C) – Low 11 (°C)
Saturday June 9 2012: Isolated showers, High 23 (°C) – Low 12 (°C)
Sunday June 10 2012: Sunny, High 24 (°C) – Low 11 (°C)

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