Hole found in Kansas Speedway track

A routine inspection of the Kansas Speedway racing surface Friday night turned up a five-inch long, two-inch-deep and two-inch wide chuck of loose asphalt in turn one along a seam where different slabs meet.

With the surface set to be repaved after today’s STP 400, the lump of asphalt, which Warren brought to the media center for show-and-tell, became proof of the resurfacing’s necessity.

Brad Keselowski was among a dozen or more drivers who considered a repave unnecessary and indicated that he like the racing surface as it is. But he conceded that he wouldn’t want a jagged hunk of rock coming loose during a race.

“I’d be glad (for the repave) if it was that piece that went through my grill and ruined my day — yeah, absolutely," Keselowski said. “I can respect the decision accordingly."

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