Force India ‘on schedule’ with ’12 car

Force India has indicated that its 2012 car will be ready for the first winter test at Jerez from Feb. 7, having completed the mandatory crash tests for the VJM05.

In a rule change for 2012, the FIA now stipulates that the crash tests must be passed before testing can commence, putting pressure on teams to be ready sooner. With a two-week gap between the first and second tests, there had been speculation that others might adopt Mercedes' stance and use a 2011 car for the opening sessions, but Force India technical director Andrew Green said his squad was on target to be ready from the outset.

"We're on schedule, that's the good news," he said. "It's been a little bit tougher this year, having to homologate the chassis prior to testing. So there was a little bit of extra planning involved to get that sorted. The chassis has been homologated since December.

"There were a lot of fingers crossed! You're hoping everything does what all the analysis says it should have done. It's always nice when you reel off the tests one by one without any dramas at all. It's a real credit to everybody."

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