Bernie could care less about FOTA

Ecclestone (R) talks to Reed Bull boss Christian Horner

F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone has labeled the Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA) "unnecessary", insisting its members' financial interests are best served by him.

FOTA was established in 2008 to give the teams a single voice in issues affecting the future of the sport.
In the end it came to an agreement with the FIA and has since enjoyed a more harmonious relationship, but it is currently pushing for a bigger share in the Formula One Group's profits under the next Concorde Agreement.

When asked in a recent interview on the official F1 website what he thinks of FOTA, Ecclestone responded: "I try not to think of them."

He added: "It is an unnecessary association of people who should put their sole emphasis on getting competitive cars on the grid. It's just more of what they don't have to think of. I look after that so there are enough financial resources."

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