Barrichello says Williams updates not working

(PVM) Rubens Barrichello has revealed that development parts brought to the races by his Williams team are not working and the team is competing at a lower level than they are accustomed to, while last year updates to the car worked and thus the car improved.

Barrichello said, “If we don’t improve the fundamental problems of the car, we’ll score points, but not in the range that we deserve. It’s not down to a lack of effort because the team is bringing loads of new things to each race, but they’re not working. Last year, the things we brought worked and we were able to improve so much more."

The veteran Brazilian explains why he ran without KERS in Germany, " I like to test. When the team asked who wanted to race at the Nurburgring without KERS, I volunteered because I knew it would help the team with the weight distribution of next year’s car."

But admits the experience was a huge challenge, “It was tough, defending all the time. It was like going into the boxing ring and knowing that the other guy is stronger than you. You can punch, but you break your hand because you don’t have any gloves on!"

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