Bizarre hauler accident damages Mike Bliss car in Nationwide garage

A bizarre accident occurred in the New Hampshire Motor Speedway garage Thursday when the lift gate of the TriStar Motorsports hauler collapsed, damaging the car driven by Mike Bliss.

No one was seriously injured.

A generator and water cooler broke the fall of the lift gate and car, and Bliss said Thursday that he hopes to still be able to race this weekend. The Nationwide race is scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

Cars are stored in the top of team haulers and are raised and lowered by the lift gate.

"They were rolling the car back and the gate just broke free," said crew chief Paul Clapprood. "We had one kid hit his knee and he went to get it looked at. Other than that, everyone is fine."

The Bliss car likely will need a new rear clip but it should be OK for the race this weekend.

“This makes us all aware these lift gates aren’t invincible," Bliss said. “The car has some cosmetic damage. The water cooler underneath it kind of stopped it.

“It’s beat up, but we’ll start the race off that way. Luckily no one got hurt, but it’s not good."

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