Irwin Tools welcomes V8 Supercars to America

It’s July 4 and what better day for US hand tool and power tool accessory business, and V8 Supercars sponsor, IRWIN Tools to give a big tick to the expansion of the Australian sport into America.

When V8 Supercars announced on Friday that the series would race at the new Austin, Texas purpose built Formula 1 and Moto GP track, known as the Circuit of the Americas, from 2013, IRWIN Tools was one of the first championship sponsors to publically applaud the decision.

IRWIN Tools is one of the largest sponsors of motor sport on both sides of the Pacific. It supported NASCAR team Roush Fenway Racing for several years and is the current naming sponsor of the world famous IRWIN Tools Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway (Tennessee).

In Australia, IRWIN Tools has been involved in V8 Supercars for the past five years. It entered the sport in 2007 and is currently into the third year of its current deal with Stone Brothers Racing, which runs the IRWIN Racing Ford Falcon driven by Alex Davison.

IRWIN has been active in its leveraging of its V8 Supercar sponsorship, and has, on occasion, used its sponsorship of the IRWIN Tools Night Race at Bristol within the Australian market.

IRWIN Tools is looking forward to seeing V8 Supercars competing in the United States.

“V8 Supercars racing in the US is recognition that the product is really good," said IRWIN Tools Asia-Pacific Vice-President Nick Pritchard.

“I’m looking forward to working with our American colleagues to make the most of the event over there.

“IRWIN in America has always invested heavily in motorsport; the guys in the US are going to be very excited to make the most of this new initiative."

Pritchard can also see the business benefits of racing in America.

“From a business perspective these deals are really important as the market becomes more global," said Pritchard.

“Our American IRWIN team will make the most of it and it’ll be great to see an IRWIN car racing on a US track again. We have the IRWIN Tools Bristol Night Race but, personally, I love seeing an IRWIN car going around."


What IRWIN Tools North American Vice-President of Marketing Curt Rahilly had to say:

“IRWIN has always had a strong history of motorsport involvement in the USA from our sponsorship of the Roush Fenway Racing Team for many years through to our current sponsorship of the IRWIN Tools Night Race at Bristol. To have Australia’s number one racing category come to America is going to be fantastic. I’ve seen the races in Australia, most recently at Sydney in December, and I know the fans here are going to love that sort of action."

What IRWIN Racing’s Alex Davison had to say:

On going to America …

“I think this is easily the biggest announcement the sport has ever made, it doesn’t get much bigger than racing in America. When we go over there we will be in full view of everyone. The racing scene in America and Europe is very closely related, we are going to be exposed to the whole world. I think it will put V8 Supercars on the map. The fact that they want us and there is enough interest from the States to make it worth their while is a real testament to what has been happening over here over the last few years and the work that has been put into the development of the sport.

On the track …

“I've heard a lot spoken about the track, it looks like it will be a mega facility with lots of elevation and directional change. The quality of the track is similar to what we've seen in China and the Middle East. It’s great that we are going to the States and to another of the world's premier facilities.

On racing for an American company in America …

“IRWIN Tools is an American company that loves its motorsport. It’s invested in NASCAR and V8 Supercars, it’s also a company that likes to make use of its sponsorships in different markets. In Australia IRWIN has done promotions around the Bristol Night Race, which it sponsors. I’m sure Nick (Pritchard) and Curt (Rahilly) will create a plan that gives both countries significant benefits. I’m excited as a driver to be going to America to race so it is great that IRWIN is as excited. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas."

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