Sunday weather update from Milwaukee

-Rains came to the Milwaukee Mile this morning, but the sun and dryers are doing their thing. No further rain is predicted. Indy Lights go off at 12:30 PM Central Time and the IndyCars at 3:00 PM Central Time.

– Simona de Silvestro was cleared to drive in today’s Milwaukee 225. Her car, “Porkchop", is back together after a late-night (early morning, actually) thrash by the team. There is no scheduled morning warmup to test the car.

– Target Chip Ganassi cars are still running their rear wings much flatter than the competition. They have obviously found something that most of the rest of the field hasn’t found, and will be the odds-on favorite for today’s race.

– Yesterday, the two front-row cars belonging to Sam Schmidt Motorsports, had their qualification times disallowed, then re-allowed, by Indycar Indy Lights officials. This highly irregular reversal is, according to some Indy Lights owners, all too regular in their series. There are some who claim that Sam Schmidt Motorsports is getting the benefit from Sam’s status as the most recognizable quadriplegic in the world, and his general popularity among Indy fans.

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