Costa joins Ferrari road car division on full pay

GMM) Aldo Costa has become a very highly-paid member of Ferrari's road car design department.

The Italian was stepped down as technical director of the Maranello based marque's formula one team after a disappointing start to the 2011 season.

According to Germany's Auto Motor und Sport, he has been moved to the road car division to sit out the remainder of his two-year contract — at full F1 pay.

The move is expensive for Ferrari, but it will ensure he is not easily snapped up by a key rival.

On the subject of money, the magazine overheard a fascinating exchange between Williams' Patrick Head and Bernie Ecclestone in Monaco, in which the former was certain the latter could not possibly be eyeing buying back F1 "with your own money!?"

As for what Ecclestone would do if he does buy back F1, the 80-year-old joked to Head: "Give it to the teams."

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