FIA bans movable wings in the rain

FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting has confirmed that the newly-introduced DRS (Drag Reduction System) will now be banned during wet practice and qualifying sessions. By reducing drag along the straights when deployed, the adjustable rear-wing is predicted to increase speeds by around 10-12 kph (6-7 mph).

The decision to prohibit use of the device during rain-hit races was made prior to the start of the season, but Whiting has opted to make further changes to the regulations amid safety concerns at a meeting with key F1 personnel on Thursday.

"As discussed in the team managers meeting yesterday, I would like to confirm that for safety reasons the driver adjustable bodywork permitted by Article 3.18 of the Technical Regulations may not be operated in any practice session (qualifying included) if the car is fitted with intermediate or wet-weather tires," Whiting stated.

"Any driver using the adjustable bodywork whilst the car is fitted with intermediate or wet-weather tires will be reported to the stewards as being in breach of Article 2.3 of the Technical Regulations."

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