Ford announces 2011 contingency awards

Ford Motor Company's long and storied history with grassroots racing continues to live on in 2011 with the manufacturer offering contingency packages for drivers in over 20 different amateur and semi-pro racing series this year.

Henry Ford, the original grassroots racer, attracted the investors who helped him start Ford Motor Company after winning his one and only race in Grosse Pointe, Michigan on October 10, 1901. Now in its 110th season, and 30 years after posting its first contingency awards, Ford Racing continues the tradition Mr. Ford started by offering up to $2.9 million available through contingency programs.

Once registered, each racer receives a package that includes a welcome letter, a Ford Racing uniform patch, necessary contingency decals (Ford Racing 110th Anniversary and Ford Racing Performance Parts), and a copy of the 2011 Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog.

“The contingency package is a way for us to give back to our racers," said George Goddu, Business Manager, Ford Racing Performance Parts. “Sure, we get a lot of attention through our involvement in NASCAR and NHRA, and we enjoy great success and value out of that, but there’s a vast number of passionate Ford fans who spend their weekends racing as a hobby – just because they love it. These grassroots racers are our ambassadors in their series, and we are terribly proud to have them representing us and our products on the track and in their neighborhoods. They want to race our vehicles and we want to ensure that we deliver the best products possible for them to do this successfully. It’s all about being a part of the Ford family."

To be eligible for contingency, racers involved in series including Circle Track, Grand-Am, IHRA, NASA, NMCA, NMRA, NHRA, PSCA, Off-Road, F1600 Championship and in the Legends of Motorsports must register for Ford Racing’s 2011 contingency program by visiting

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