Buemi impressed with next years Toro Rosso

Sebastien Buemi reckons his 2011 challenger is on track to be a "good" car because it "definitely looks impressive."

Although Buemi's name did not appear under Toro Rosso when the FIA released the 2011 entry list, it's believed to be only a matter of time before the team confirms him for next year's Championship.

Already the Swiss driver, who scored eight points this season, is preparing for 2011, his third year in Formula One, visiting the Milton Keynes's factory earlier this week.

"I went to the simulator in Milton Keynes" he told the team's website. "It was a useful session, even if it was not the usual routine of preparing for the next race, as Bahrain 2011 is still a long way off!

"But it was good to be back behind the wheel, even a "virtual" one, because there will be quite a few new tasks in the cockpit next year, with the re-introduction of KERS and the use of an adjustable rear wing.

"I took the opportunity to see where we are in terms of next year's car and, even if I am not going to tell you anything about the STR6, let's just say it definitely looks impressive!

"There's a saying about race cars that if it looks good it usually is good, so I came away from the factory in a positive frame of mind."

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