Overheard at Indy Bump Day – 4

Going into the last hour of qualification, the track temp is still some 37 degrees hotter than it was during morning practice. Since the ambient air temps aren't supposed to start going down until after 6:00, the track we have now is pretty much what the happy hour qualifiers will have.

Those who have not qualified:

– Ana Beatrice, who hasn't gone much past the 219 mark all day. As of 4:15, her team was removing the rear wing to track down some issue.

– Milka Duno. She was taken out of her car, and Alex Lloyd was put into the car in order to qualify it. Should he qualify the car, it is assumed that Milka will be placed back into the car and relegated to start in 33rd spot. When Lloyd jumped into the car, he had wholesale changes made to Milka's setup, which (according to one team member) hadn't been changed in the last 2 weeks. So far he's only seen the 221 mph range.

– Jacques Lazier. He brushed the wall around 4:35 pm trying to get it up to speed. He earlier saw speeds in the 225 mph range, but his qualification attempt after that fell into the 222 mph range.

– Takuma Sato. He hasn't been seen during the heat of the day, but he previously had speeds in the 225 mph range. He earlier

– Tony Kanaan. After crashing his car his primary car yesterday, and his backup car this morning, the rebuilt backup car has only seen speeds in the 223 range. He almost lost the car again during the heat of the day, as he struggles to come up to speed. Tim Wohlford reporting from Indy

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