McLaren and Koni extend deal

Koni will continue to supply the McLaren F1 team with shocks in 2010.

"KONI's FSD is intelligent damping," explains Jonathan Neale, Managing Director for McLaren Racing. "FSD thinks for us – so it gives the drivers greater confidence and means they can drive through corners with maximum commitment – something you're always looking for when you're pushing a racing car to operate at its limit."

"Its collaboration with KONI will continue into the 2010 season. The Dutch manufacturer of shock absorbers will be working with the team as the challenge of no refueling is thrown into the balancing act. With cars needing to finish a Grand Prix without refueling in the pits next year, some 150 kilograms of fuel will be carried by each driver as the red lights go out, with lap times therefore dropping on average by 5 seconds in the early stages; with aerodynamics and overall car balance therefore being majorly affected, McLaren hopes to make the most of KONI's frequency selective damping (FSD) system.

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