Broken Crankshaft cause of Kahne’s blown engine

The conspiracy theorists are out in force, and this time their focus is Kasey Kahne and that Richard Petty Motorsports engine that blew up last weekend at New Hampshire. Certainly everyone at RPM would deny that the engine was the victim of sabotage. They see each other work hard every day and wouldn't be able to fathom that anyone they call a friend or a colleague would do such a thing. That's the way Bill Pink, who directs RPM's engines at the track, thinks. But he says there's more than just the feeling that no one would do something to hurt the engine. He says the engines were built and done and ready for New Hampshire before the announcement of the merger Sept. 7. And he says that the crankshaft has been broken five times in tests, just never in a car on the track, and that everyone in the engine shop has known that the crankshafts were ticking time bombs. "We all know these cranks do not work," Pink says. "But we got painted into a corner where we had to use them with the R6 engine. … Unfortunately, we've got more of them just like it sitting here. Everybody was saying this was going to happen sooner or later. Fortunately, it happened later because we got in the Chase. We've been all holding our breath. And if the team owners Gilletts wouldn't have announced the merger, the crank still would have broke." In fact, Kahne will use the old R5 engine at Dover this week until some new, stronger crankshafts that have been in the process of being made are ready. SceneDaily

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