Vatanen slams FOM and FOTA

Ari Vatanen, who will stand against Jean Todt next month in the FIA presidential election, slams FOM and FOTA for the high cost of racing in f1 today, something Max Mosley fought vigorously to reduce.

"We have races where the stands are half-empty, where they are totally subsidized by the government, and now we are struggling to have races in Germany, France and the U.K.," the former World Rally Champion told Europe's Press Association. "If races are so expensive to organize, making the ticket prices so high that a normal middle-class family cannot see them, it means something is wrong. We are in danger of alienating our fan base and undermining our future."

FOM has leveraged F1 so far that it must demand huge sanctioning fees from race promoters to break even, while the FOTA teams have fought Max Mosley to try and stop him from significantly reducing the cost of competing in F1.

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