Renault reintroduces KERS for Monza

(GMM) Renault will use KERS at Monza this weekend, the French team confirmed in a race preview on Monday.

Like BMW, the Enstone-based outfit has not fitted the energy-recovery technology to its 2009 package for some time because the compromises were deemed not worth the 6 seconds per lap of 82 horse power boost.

But the high speed and heavy braking at Monza mean KERS will actually be a significant advantage there, particularly in qualifying when drivers can deploy one burst before the start-finish line, and another on the long run to the first chicane.

Renault's engineering Pat Symonds said on Monday that the lap time benefit of KERS at the Italian venue is nearly three tenths of a second "and it's worth even more in qualifying".

The Briton also said the advantage at the race start over non-KERS cars will be more than 15 meters, and it will also be an overtaking aid.

"All these factors combine to make Monza a very favorable circuit for KERS," said Symonds.

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