Chevy Boss Promises Continued Support

Chevrolet is in NASCAR to stay, according to Brent Dewar, the new head of General Motors' Chevrolet division, who was at AMS on Saturday to assure his teams and drivers that he was solidly behind them. Although spending cuts have been made because of the automaker's poor financial condition, Dewar said he hoped to maintain the current level of participation at least through 2010 and planned to keep his stable of teams and drivers at the current level. And he said he hoped to be able to spend more in 2011 and beyond when car sales and profits are expected to increase. "We've been in racing from the beginning, and we're in it for the long haul," Dewar said. He said that although dealer inventories are at all-time lows and potential buyers are dealing with credit challenges, he still believes in "race on Sunday, sell on Monday." He also said his company still gets a return on its NASCAR investment, and that the Cup series returns far more for the dollars than the Nationwide and truck series. Racin' Today

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