Mayfield accuses NASCAR of “spiking” his urine samples

Jeremy Mayfield's battle with NASCAR has become a he-said, they-said, she-said affair. Mayfield says he is fighting back against allegations of drug use. WBTV Reporter Sarah Batista interviewed Mayfield at his home in Catawba County Thursday night. He accuses NASCAR of conspiring against him.

"I've never done meth," Mayfield said.

Mayfield says there's no doubt in his mind that NASCAR is trying to make an example out of him but he says he's not going down without a fight. [Editor's Note: Mayfield exposed his ex-boss Ray Evernham for having an affair with a female driver, and some suspect because that action destroyed Evernham that eventually forced him out of NASCAR, NASCAR is now paying Mayfield back]

NASCAR says Mayfield tested positive once again for methamphetamine on July 6th less than two months after he was suspended for a similar infraction.

Mayfield told WBTV the results of this test were not accurate. He claims the results turned up positive because he took allergy medicine and Adderal for his Attention Deficit Disorder.

"When you look at 15 tests since May 1st, and two have tested positive, why are they all negative for meth except two?" Mayfield asked.

He claims the only reason NASCAR won't let him have the backup samples retested is because they "doctored it up" and "spiked my urine."

Mayfield also lashes out at Dr. David Black, the administrator of NASCAR's drug-testing program, telling The Associated Press he doesn't trust anything Black or NASCAR does.

These results were included in a U.S. District Court filing on Thursday.

NASCAR says in its filings that the "A" sample had levels of methamphetamine consistent with habitual users who consume high doses. The filing also claims Mayfield and his attorneys have failed to select a qualified laboratory to test the backup "B" sample.

The filing also included an affidavit from Mayfield's stepmother. Lisa Mayfield claims she personally witnessed her son-in-law using methamphetamine at least 30 times in seven years and that he raced while high on drugs.

"She was part of conspiring or she killed my dad, so this is a lady is who is desperate for anything," Mayfield said. "She's mad at me, she hates me. I wanted my dad to be here today and not shot in the heart with a .357 pistol."

Mayfield's father's death was ruled a suicide in September 2007, and several months later those same findings were confirmed after a second investigation.

Lisa Mayfield told investigators she found her husband shot to death in the couple's Rowan County home. Two guns and drug paraphernalia were taken from the home at the time.

Mayfield said he plans to file a wrongful death suit against his stepmother.

Mayfield also says he's taping a documentary that will prove his innocence.

WBTV learned from a source on Thursday that Mayfield has sold his race shop and equipment located on Highway 49 in Harrisburg, NC.

"It's kind of built a life for me," Mayfield said. "But I'm ready to move on to something different."

Reached on Friday, NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston said "we'll let our court filings speak for themselves," and "the sworn affidavits speak volumes, we'll leave it at that."

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