Boss desperate to return Ferrari’s attention to track

(GMM) Stefano Domenicali has admitted that F1's political war has been a distraction and is looking forward to returning his full focus to Ferrari's on-track fortunes.

Coinciding with the battle over the future of the sport, the defending constructors' champions have been struggling with the pace of their 2009 car and are on the verge of turning their attention to 2010.

Ferrari has been at the centre of the FOTA movement, and Domenicali confessed: "To be honest, I would have preferred to have been more balanced for the team.

"But it was a very critical moment for F1 and we have had to make sure we were doing our job. Being the team principal of Ferrari, with all that Ferrari means for F1, I also felt a responsibility," the Italian added.

It is strongly rumored that the saga will reach its conclusion on Wednesday, although other speculation suggests that while the end of nigh, it might be closer to the Hungarian GP before the hostility can be put in the past.

"For the benefit of the situation in F1, we really need to close this matter as soon as possible," Domenicali insisted. "We need to find a new F1 that has more energy, more passion and positivity around it."

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