NASCAR drivers and teams confused by Double-file Restarts

The new double-file restart rule is still causing confusion for drivers and their crew chiefs. Race director David Hoots was questioned about restarts several times during the prerace Sprint Cup drivers meeting at Chicagoland. First, #48-Jimmie Johnson's crew chief Chad Knaus asked about which car controls the start of the race if the leader pulls off to make a late pit stop. Hoots answered that all cars would simply move up in their line instead of reshuffling the whole field, and the second-place car would get to control the restart – even if it had the outside position. Then, #2-Kurt Busch's crew chief Pat Tryson wondered about the scenario that occurred in Friday night's Nationwide Series race, when Carl Edwards illegally passed Brian Vickers on the outside before the start/finish line but gave the spot back and was not penalized. “I’d stress to you drivers that you're good enough that you shouldn't be getting yourself in that position – stay in line until you cross the start/finish line," Hoots said. Hoots then said that NASCAR officials let drivers figure it out for the first six races, but that they should have the restart procedures down by now. #24- Jeff Gordon to ask Hoots if there was a "grace period" for making mistakes like Edwards did in the Nationwide race. "The grace period is over," Hoots said. "We're serious about it tonight." SceneDaily

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