Eye surgery for Chip Ganassi

Following some major eye surgery a few weeks ago at the Mayo Clinic, Ganassi has missed the past three IndyCar races as he heals from the delicate operation. And, as bad as it's been not being at the race track, he can't venture outside much during the daytime hours.

"The reason I'm not at the races is because they put drops in my eye and it's dilated all the time," explained the owner of the Target team whose drivers Scott Dixon and Franchitti rank 1-2 in the point standings for the second straight week.
"The issue is that if I go out in the sun, my brain goes goofy because my one eye wants to stay open. That's why I'd have a better chance at going to a night race."

He also wants to dispel the rumors he's gravely ill..

"Calm everybody down and tell them I'm fine," he said. "Thanks to my computer, I haven't missed anything except the people." More at SPEEDTV.com

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