10 reasons why it’s good not to get to Q3

Toro Rosso drivers Sebastien Bourdais and Sebastian Buemi can look at the bright side of not making it out of Q1 qualifying at most F1 races.

1) You get to watch the exciting Q3 session, relaxing with a cool drink in the Energy Station.
2) You don’t have to bother going to the boring Top Three press conference.
3) F1 is all about cost saving and you’ve just saved your team a fortune in fuel and tires.
4) You don’t have to lift your head so high to see the start lights. In fact you don’t need the lights at all: just go when the cars in front move.
5) Your mechanics and engineers have time for lunch before the debrief.
6) Your engine temperature stays lower on the grid as you don’t have to wait ages for the cars to line up behind you.
7) You don’t need tensator barriers around your car on the grid.
8) You don’t have to shake hands on the grid with the Prime Minister just when you want to go for a piss.
9) It’s a great excuse for not doing well in the race, as overtaking is impossible.
10) The mechanics can chat up your grid girl without their wives/girlfriends seeing them on TV.

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