iRacing announces World Cup

The World Cup of iRacing™, a global, team-style, annual internet-racing competition, was announced today by John Henry, chairman of Motorsport Simulations, LLC. Henry also announced that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has joined iRacing’s Competition Committee, the group charged with overseeing the new tournament and other internet racing activities.

“The World Cup of iRacing represents a new aspect of the sport of internet racing," Henry said. “In addition to all of the individual racing opportunities that iRacers enjoy, the World Cup of iRacing gives each of our members around the world the chance to compete as part of a geographically-based club, working throughout the year with their teammates toward a common goal, one that would be out of reach for the vast majority of people racing on their own – a true world championship."

Details of The World Cup of iRacing are available on iRacing’s public Web site ( Henry also noted that Earnhardt’s assumption of a position on iRacing’s Competition Committee formalizes a relationship that began several years ago.

“Dale’s passion for motorsport is recognized by sports fans everywhere, and his keen interest in auto racing simulation is well known," Henry said. “As one of our cadre of volunteer alpha and beta testers, Dale’s input was invaluable during the initial development of the iRacing simulation software and racing service. He’s continued to be an important source of technical input as we’ve developed our stable of stock cars. Now, as a member of the Competition Committee, he’s helping us shape the newest form of motorsport – one that is fun, inexpensive and easily available to virtually anyone with a broadband internet connection anywhere in the world. We’re thrilled to have Dale join us in this new capacity."

Earnhardt has used the service to prepare for real-world test sessions and races, but his regular participation in race series organized by iRacing’s sanctioning body, FIRST, is primarily about personal enjoyment and a love of competition. Earnhardt will have a continuing voice in the development of a form of motorsport competition that is easily accessible not only to veteran racing drivers, but to fans as well.

“It’s a great honor to join the iRacing Competition Committee," Earnhardt said. “Simracing is a major part of my life and I hope to be involved in helping iRacing bring the community the best simulation possible. I look forward to being an asset to the committee and iRacing as a whole as the development continues. It’s an amazing time to be a sim racer."

The inaugural World Cup of iRacing begins February 1st, with the start of the first of four 12-week 2009 iRacing competition seasons. It will be contested by 35 clubs, which encompass the entire iRacing membership and are organized by global geographic region. Clubs will compete through the four quarterly seasons, followed by a regional runoff and then on February 6, 2010, a one-day, winner-take-all day of racing to determine the World Cup of iRacing champion.

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