Honda and Brawn still focused on 2009

Honda team boss Ross Brawn says his team is still aiming for 2009 to start winning again.

"I can see in some team areas where we can improve the car," Brawn told Autosport. "You can watch on the circuit that the ride quality of the car isn't very good. It's not riding the bumps very well, so there are things like that we need to improve."

"On the aero side it's progressing very well," he added. "Chassis we need to make stronger, but everyone is very open and positive about improving the situation. I need a few more races to really understand where we are, but we're certainly a lot better than in winter testing, and looking at what's coming along, there are some exciting steps in the future."

"But I’ll caution all that by saying we will be very conscious of what we need to do for 2009 – that's really a big opportunity for us," he added.

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