Trulli motivated for 08

After a tough 2006 season with the TF106 a car that was compromised in terms of design because it had been designed too hurriedly following the late introduction of new regulations, Toyota pinned all their hopes on the TF107. The new car, which was the second Toyota Formula 1 car to race following the change to the 2.4-liter V8 engine, was better prepared from the start because it had been designed as an optimum package for the V8 engine.

However, numerous problems hampered the development of the car and Toyota had to start the season without enough speed to be competitive. In this situation, Jarno Trulli experienced his third year with Toyota and achieved a total of four finishes in the points during the season, accumulating in just eight points in total.

As Jarno explained, at the beginning of the season they had better results, the Italian driver finishing in the top eight in two of the first three races of the season, but that said, it doesn't really reflect the development throughout the year with some strong performances in the middle of the season, that unfortunately didn’t see them end up with the expected results.

“It seemed like the others took advantage of their performance more than we did," he said.

However, despite the lack of strong results, Jarno didn’t want to review the 2007 season by saying that he could have done this or that, or that they should have done this or that…..

“Anyone can talk about what might have been," he said. “The truth is the results of our team were not so great, as was clearly shown in the standings. The important thing is we know what we have to do to improve and I firmly believe we will do it."

Looking ahead, Jarno is confident that with motivation and firm belief, they will be able to get the job done and turn things around completely…

“This team has got the potential and the resources necessary for success. Though we have less experience as a team than most of the opposition, we still have everything it takes to produce a good racing car. It's true that our performance in the last couple of seasons was below expectations, but inside me the desire and belief that we can turn it around is as strong as ever. We have always tried to show that we are working hard and doing our best. By continuing to do that improvement will surely come."

“I am very motivated to do my share of the work because I don't like losing. I don't think people in general like losing, but I really get upset when I lose! This year I was fighting to get into the top ten, which was hard to accept after getting on the podium and fighting for victory in 2005. Then, I could see we had the potential to get to the very top and I see no reason now why we cannot get back to that level – and hopefully exceed it – in 2008. I am more motivated than ever to help bring the team up to where it belongs."

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