Unser starting drifting team

Robby Unser announced today that he will take over all aspects of Enjuku Racing as related to the motorsports division of the company. The new team will be called Robby Unser Racing and utilize the new Nissan 350Z platform that was unveiled at the SEMA show last month. Unser will field a two car team for drift competition in 2008. Equipment and team personnel from last years Enjuku Racing team will remain the same but will utilize Unser’s many years of racing experience to be more efficient for the 2008 season. Unser will also form a Drift racing school to fill the demand of the many young drivers looking at a professional career in the sport of drifting. The Drift school will also cater to the novice driver that just wants to experience drifting in a controlled environment.

As a member of one of the winningest families in motorsports history, Robby needs no introduction. INDY Racing League, Pikes Peak, 24Hrs of Daytona, 12Hrs of Sebring, and Nurburgring 24Hrs fill his resume. The young and diverse fan base for the sport of drifting may know drivers’ names such as Gushi, Hubinette, Millen or Foust but will be seeing a new name emerge as a fierce competitor. Robby stated, “The potential of the sport of drifting is huge and after just getting my feet wet last year, I wanted to take the next step and own my own team. Team Enjuku did a great job in 2007 and we have the opportunity to build on that success. As a team owner I want to bring in some of my Indy marketing partners and manufactures to take our team to the next level.

Enjuku Racing Team owner Ken Harrison commented, “Having Robby on board this last year totally changed the way we set up the cars, and his Indy car background has brought so much to our program. Winning the Nopi drift championship was proof of how well we worked together. For both sides of the company to evolve we needed to make the split. The online parts company (Enjukuracing.com) and specialty fabrication shop will remain our primary focus because that’s what we do best. Robby wants to expand the race program and that’s what he does best. Both companies will benefit from each as we develop and sell new racing products to support both the race team and drift school. We look forward to bright future for Enjukuracing.com."

The sport of drifting has had explosive growth in this country and is one of the fastest growing motorsports in the world. With new television coverage on ESPN and SPEED, this sport is positioning itself as the next big thing for the young tuner crowd. Over the winter, Robby Unser Racing will develop a second 350Z and expand to offering a Drive and Drift school utilizing last years Enjuku competition cars.

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